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Neil Hague talks about the subjects in his book, Orion's Door

Symbolism of Orion

Pierre Sabak speaks to Neil Hague about his book "Through Ancient Eyes". Neil is a talented draftsman and is most famous for his unique illustrations. A prolific artist, Neil's work includes numerous commercial images as well as book covers for the well known British author David Icke. In this fascinating discussion with the writer Neil Hague, Pierre Sabak talks to him about his successful book 'Through Ancient Eyes'. An enlightening interview, the subject areas covered in this conversation explores ancient archetypes and symbols, a secret teaching that lies embedded within early Gnosticism and Hermeticism. A radical reappraisal of European painting, Neil Hague offers his own insights into the close correspondence between famous artists and Secret Societies. Primarily astrological, this knowledge is found encoded within films and modern media, a discourse that conceals the existence of ancient aliens, tandem to the cult of Orion.

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