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Personal ‘Spirit Portraits’ and unique reading by Neil Hague

Updated: Feb 28

"I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see." Duane Michals

Through art I have attempted to allow the mysterious world of archetypal forces a vehicle for expression. To do this I have had my head in universal myths and legends for many years, which have given me greater insights into the forces behind what we call ‘inspiration’. At the same time, I have attempted to explore knowledge that empowers the imagination and gains understanding of the creator within. Without acknowledging the invisible realms of the imagination, we see ourselves as just physical energy; matter that is separate from the forces of creation and therefore un-whole.

Constant themes relating to transformative realms, archetypal (mythic beings), celestial worlds, hell worlds, apocalyptic imagery, energy fields, abstract geometric forms, mandalas and imagery associated with divinity are just a few common subjects that appear in my art. Some phenomena are clearly beyond the term ‘Pareidolia’ and relate to our 'true sight'. The 'visionary' sees beyond what William Blake called the ‘vegetable glass of nature’ - the illusion we call ‘reality’. Today, we are beginning to remember both science (esoterics) and spirituality (not religious doctrine) stem from the same source. Art is what unites science and spirituality, in my view.

Seeing Your Spirit

Would you like to see yourself through my eyes? See your ancient spirit, your otherworldly persona, or even totem animal? As we are about to enter an immense transformational era, knowing more about your higher self, your guide and your purpose can be the most important focus at this time. Seeing your spirit shine through a unique painting is one way of seeing your true purpose.

UK spiritual artist and illustrator, Neil Hague is now taking commissions based on a unique personal reading, to craft personal portraits. He uses both his artistic and spiritual gifts to ‘envision’ your connections to ‘other realities’, ‘past incarnations’ or your ‘higher self’. Drawing on 25 years of experience as an artist and visionary, utilising his own unique art style, coupled with a higher-dimensional healing modality, he offers a unique service. Why not allow Neil to paint your spirit portrait?

The Process

The portrait process starts with a 45- 60 minute reading with Neil, connecting to higher levels of consciousness through a meditation/light regression (all done over Zoom). The initial consultation is intended to be partially therapeutic, while bringing insight into your life’s purpose and connection to your spirit ancestors. Once Neil has talked with you and made some preliminary notes and sketches he will start the image.

The Portrait

After gaining insight into your connection to your spirit (otherworldly aspects), or animal totem, he will produce an image, sourced through what he sees as a place beyond the astral (4th Dimension) world – a higher consciousness. Neil’s attention to detail, through his personal art style, will materialise as a final drawing of what he sees.

The overall process from start to completion of the acrylic on canvas portrait (23 x 16 inches) will take 6 to 8 weeks and cost £1590. The’original’ ink on paper spirit portrait (15 x 21 inches) over 5 to 6 weeks, price is £990.

A Glicee print of the your portrait can also be ordered as an extra cost. For more information please email the website.

“Neil Hague’s work is unique – the language of an open and highly creative mind. You look with your eyes, but he speaks to your heart.”

David Icke

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