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Through Ancient Eyes: Seeing Hidden Dimensions - Hard Back Edition

Case Laminated Edition (matt finish)



Through Ancient Eyes explores how art is a metaphysical activity, while illustrating the art and soul connections that have existed since ancient times. Drawing on a wealth of information, which includes prehistoric art and prophecy, through to the work of William Blake – this fascinating book unlocks ancient wisdom that has inspired artists from all ages.


Expanding our view of the creative process, we are taken on a journey that weaves together a cornucopia of myths, archetypes and symbols, which through art, can reveal hidden dimensions of the soul. This unique book unravels the symbolism contained within ‘Gnosticism’ and offers a new insight into the ‘Orion mysteries’.


Through Ancient Eyes remains my seminole visionary piece. Written in an easy style with footnotes at the end of each chapter, the book will hopefully be ‘inspirational’ for anyone embarking on their  creative – spiritual path, and wanting to understand more about ancient history, mythology and symbolism.


All Copies are signed by Neil through our site


ISBN 0-9541904-0-8


334 pages


Over 100 Illustrations in black & white.

Through Ancient Eyes: Seeing Hidden Dimensions - Hard Back Edition

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