Placing the 'Stone' - Remember Who You Are (Large Print)

Placing the Stone Limited Fine Art Glicée Print


Large ( 400 mm x 600 mm) Giclée print on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm paper – £195 (plus P&P)


All prints come with a signed certificate of authentication by Neil

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The Stone

It was the Pythagoreans, who called the ‘first thing that came into existence’, the ‘Monad’. It was also referred to as the ‘first being’, ‘divine form’, the ‘totality of all beings’. It was said that the Monad gave life to the Dyad (the Greek word for two), which begat all other numbers. In my painting, the Monad is symbolised as a ‘stone or star’ held between the finger and thumb of the ‘hand of truth’. The image, entitled ‘Placing the Stone’ was created for the cover of David Icke’s book, Remember Who You Are (2012). The symbolism contained within this huge canvas attempts to convey the message that we as individuals affect the collective consciousness when we activate the Monad, the Divine Imagination. The placing of the stone (Monad) into the ‘Tree of Life’ above the vertebrae, is another symbol for the activation of the ‘third eye’, or the ‘eye of providence’ within us all. The ‘placing of the stone’ would reverse the separation, symbolised through the story of Adam and Eve, bringing an end to the illusionary state of awareness ‘cast’ by the Sun, Moon and Saturn. I use the word ‘cast’ to emphasise the notion that a spell has been cast over our ‘true sight’, erasing our memory of the time before the ‘Fall’.


The dwarf star Saturn, or ‘Fallen Sun’, was once symbolised as a Monad (circle with a dot in the centre), before its light and sound was reversed to hold humanity in a lower vibrational field. Saturn is symbolically hovering above the crown of the celestial human in my painting. Orion is the ‘time and space’ that facilitates the Fallen Sun (Saturn) and also ‘controls’ our Sun. Ariel is c