Orion's Door: Symbols of Consciousness & Blueprints of Control



Symbols of Consciousness & Blueprints of Control – The Story of Orion’s Influence Over Humanity


Orion’s Door explores the enormous influence one star system has had over humanity. For aeons, Orion and his key stars were worshipped all over the ancient world. Through alignments with earth’s ancient monuments, to its appearance on corporate, military-industrial-political logos – Orion is everywhere! It’s as though Orion’s presence provides a ‘blueprint’ for our hierarchical structures.


This unique and comprehensive book is a codex to the symbolism contained within Gnosticism, the Kabbalah and myths stretching back to the time of Atlantis – the ‘Age of Orion’. In two distinct parts and with hundreds of illustrations, the book offers fresh insights into the ‘Orion Mysteries’. It weaves together common themes found in Native star myths, esoteric symbolism, sacred science and magic, all of which are un- deniably part of an occult language expressed today through movies (Hollywood) and linked to what Hague calls the ‘Orion Cult’.


The book sheds light on symbolism relating to: The ‘Invisible Sun’, ‘Prometheus’, ‘Adam Kadmon’, ‘Saturn’, the ‘Son of Man’, ‘Duality’ and the ‘Coronavirus’ – showing how Orion symbolism is important to the ‘Messianic Age’ (New World Order) unfolding today. Taking the reader through multiple layers of information, the book illustrates how human affairs have been ‘inspired’ and ‘manipulated’ by ancient-future, ‘alien intelligence’ for a very long time. Orion’s story is crucial if we want to understand how and why the world is moving towards a ‘robot-AI’, ‘technological reality’ – a rapidly advancing ‘Cyber-Grid Empire’.


Orion’s Door offers a ‘window of opportunity’, to go beyond ingrained beliefs influencing human perception; so to grasp our true, infinite celestial power – to become ‘Superconsciousness’ human beings.


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684 pages


450 Illustrations in black & white.


ISBN 978-1-8381363-0-7

Orion's Door: Symbols of Consciousness & Blueprints of Control



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