Moon Hare Canvas Print

Original Fine Art Canvas Prints by Neil Hague
Large Size: 12 x 16 Inches (32 x 42 Centimetres)

All canvas prints are signed and come with a certificate of Authentication

10-14 day delivery (signed and tracked)


The Hare or ‘Jackrabbit’, ‘Lepus’, and ‘Leveret’ is also well known in Aesop’s Fables and much other folklore from around the world. Many cultures, including the Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican, see a hare in the pattern of dark patches in the moon (see Moon rabbit). The constellation Lepus is also taken to represent a hare. In my work I see the Hare connected to the Moon and the Moon’s influence over certain animals (and humanity). The Hare is a ‘trickster’ and a talisman for the witches, and crones of the old ‘Celtic’ world.


Please note: All Canvas Prints purchased by European customers from this website may inccur customs charges. NOTE: Canvas prints cannot be shipped to Australia due to customs restrictions on wooden frames.

Moon Hare Canvas Print



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