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Guardians of the Stones original canvas size glicée print

Rare, signed original 'canvas size' glicée fine art print (90 x 60 cm). Only 20 available


This is the first time that this unique and highly sought after painting has been made available as a fine art print.


The 'Guardians of the Stones' was based on a vision recieved by Neil while he walked amongst the ancient stones at Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. The guardians are inter-dimensional beings that are morphing into the crystaline 'standing stones'. This is the same substance that can be found all over ancient stone circles and megalithic sites, and seems to contain a memory of light and sound.


Professor Glyn Daniel of Cambridge University coined the term ‘off-archaeology’, the vague but intriguing idea of a force called ‘Earth energy’. A force used by our ancient ancestors, who were able to detect this energy and build stone circles where vortices of energy were at their strongest. Much folklore associated with these stones speaks of interdimensional battles, sacrifice, people turned to stone, or the stones themselves revolving, or moving, aided by technology. There is an energy field around such ancient wonders, I have felt it personally; one that seems to aid us in travelling through time if we connect with the stones.


These are also the ‘Shining Ones’ seen as giant guardians of the stones as they merged with the ‘crystalline’ structure of the rocks that became the megalithic sites around the world. Some British legends tell of giants coming from North Africa to build Stonehenge, in Britain and Carnac in France, the prehistoric Pelasgians and these locations like other areas of the globe are where the standing stones are.


Please note: All Fine Art Prints purchased by European customers from this website will not inccur customs charges. Our prints are despatched from Europe for these purchases. Certificates will be sent separately.


Guardians of the Stones original canvas size glicée print

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