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Grey Wolf Canvas Print (small)

Original Fine Art Canvas Prints by Neil Hague
Small Size: 30 x 20 Centimetres

All canvas prints are signed and come with a certificate of Authentication

14-21 day delivery (signed and tracked)


Among Native Americans wolf had dual symbolic values of both great good and bad. Hunting tribes were those that often revered the wolf as a great warrior with medicine that related to devotion, victory, inventiveness, safety and fertility. The wolf can fight to the death and knows how to stand its ground. They are natural ‘teachers’ and show their young how to live within a pack. Some Native American stories connect the ‘wolf spirit’ to humanity as a guardian of the east, protection and families. In Egyptian Mythology, the wolf was a symbol of Wepwawet a war deity, whose name means, ‘opener of the ways’. Eventually, the wolf became associated with death and an opener of the underworld. It was a wolf goddess that was said to have founded the Roman Empire, and in Greek mythology, the wolf was associated with the god of war - Ares/Mars.


In ancient Chinese folklore the wolf was also a guardian of the heavens associated with Sirius – the Dog Star. It is said that the wolf comes to support and teach us about matters of personal power, balance, self-control and our animal instincts. The Wolf’s howl helps humanity find others of a like mind and was considered an ability to mark territory clearly and create a sacred space.


Please note: All Canvas Prints purchased by European customers from this website may inccur customs charges. NOTE: Canvas prints cannot be shipped to Australia due to customs restrictions on wooden frames.


Grey Wolf Canvas Print (small)

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