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Owl of Arcturus Canvas Print (medium)

Original Fine Art Canvas Prints by Neil Hague
Medium Size: 30 x 30 Centimetres

All canvas prints are signed and come with a certificate of Authentication

14-21 day delivery (signed and tracked)

In early Indian folklore, Owls represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy. This theme recurs in Aesop’s fables and in Greek myths and beliefs. By the Middle Ages in Europe, the Owl had become the associate of witches and the inhabitant of dark, lonely and profane places, a foolish but feared spectre.In English literature the Barn Owl had a sinister reputation probably because it was a bird of darkness, and darkness was always associated with death. According to an Indian legend, the ‘Spedis Owl’ carving was placed on a rock to serve as a protector from the ‘water devils’ and monsters that could pull a person into the water. The Barn Owl has also been used to predict the weather by people in England. A screeching Owl meant cold weather or a storm was coming.If heard during foul weather a change in the weather was at hand.Some American Indian tribes saw the Owl as a protective spirit for brave warriors.


Please note: All Canvas Prints purchased by European customers from this website may inccur customs charges. NOTE: Canvas prints cannot be shipped to Australia due to customs restrictions on wooden frames.

Owl of Arcturus Canvas Print (medium)

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