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Eye of the Heart – Book of Art Postcards (signed by Neil)

The Eye of the Heart is a unique collection of 12 illustrations on postcards that were featured in recent books by David Icke. Purposely selected by Neil, they offer a deeper insight into the ‘true nature of reality’. The art on these cards are both ‘thought provoking’ and also celebrate the mysteries that many are looking to solve at this time. The art also encapsulates the ‘changes’ we are now living through, while offering a sense of ‘peace’ for those that are truly searching for answers to the bigger questions in life. On the reverse of each card are quotes selected to further empower those that might receive these cards, along with a written introduction offering insight into the symbolism behind some of Neil’s recent paintings.


With unique imagination and powerful insight Neil Hague illustrates the ‘signs of our times’, like no other artist amongst his peers. His striking art has almost become iconic to those that are awakening as we go through a major shift in consciousness.


Book of 12 Large Postcards


Please note: Postcard Books purchased by European customers from this website will not inccur customs charges. 

Eye of the Heart – Book of Art Postcards (signed by Neil)

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