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Eve and Adam in 'Gan Eden' (the Star Garden) - Large glicée print

Limited edition large glicée fine art print on 320gsm acid paper (28 x 22 inches - 70 x 55 cm)

Only 50 (numbered) prints available at this large size


All prints come with a signed certificate of authentication by Neil

10-14 day delivery (signed and tracked)


This is the first time that this unique and highly sought after painting has been made available as a collectable print.


Image background

Sophia was personified as Mother Nature and the key to living in harmony as a human being. She was captured in art forms found all over the ancient world as the original goddess. She is ‘Langa’ to the Zulu African; to the Aztec, she is the goddess ‘Chalchiuhtlicue’. We find many personifications of the Aeon Goddess. She is the goddess 'Umai'; 'Asherah', the Wife of God, found in Mesopotamian art and sculpture.


Eve, in my view, was another version of Sophia. The ‘lioness’, ‘dragon’ and ‘bird’ in my painting, Eve and Adam in the ‘garden in the Stars’, are all projections of the goddess who lives in the light, forming in the garden amongst the stars. The painting is a unique depction of the forces focused on the Orion Nebula.


The lioness and the dragon bird are intricately connected to our DNA, including so-called junk DNA. The god in the upper right section ‘holding’ the Anthropos (the first human being, also referred to as Adamas, or Geradamas) is symbolic of the Elohim.


Eve is already in the Garden of Eden. According to Gnostic teachings, the spirit of Eve was already in the garden and was referred to as ‘Zoe’ (life itself). Zoe is a daughter of Sophia and a teacher for the first man - Adam. Zoe, or Eve’s spirit, entered the Tree of Life and eventually became symbolised as both the ‘serpent’ and the ‘apple’ in Genesis.


Please note: All Fine Art Prints purchased by European customers from this website will not inccur customs charges. Our prints are despatched from Europe for these purchases. Certificates will be sent separately.


Eve and Adam in 'Gan Eden' (the Star Garden) - Large glicée print

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