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Durga Awakens - Giclée Print (large)

Original Limited Fine Art Prints by Neil Hague


20 x 32 inches Giclée print on acid free 320gsm paper £185 (plus P&P)


All prints come with a numbered/signed certificate of authentication by Neil.


Please note: All Fine Art Prints purchased by European customers from this website will not inccur customs charges. Our prints are despatched from Europe for these purchases. Certificates will be sent separately.


The painting tells of the awakening of Durga:


"A great lion awoke to a distant sound’, a ‘vibration’ echoing through the void. She too had now heard the voice beckoning the dawn that had illuminated the mind’s eye of the gathering Imagi-Nation but now her people were calling her too. Increasingly upon Earth the collective light of the people had begun to blaze as they recalled the true light of their original Sun and the fire that connected Ammon to their hearts. The Goddess Durga now stirred. The great Lions of Regal would rise with her."

Durga Awakens - Giclée Print (large)

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