Anthropos and the Phantom Self (Original Canvas)

It is said, in the Kabbalah, the first spiritual world that ‘came into being’ (through God’s infinite light), was ‘Adam Kadmon’ (son of man). This light being is not the same as the ‘physical’ Adam Ha-Rishon in the book of Genesis. In the Kabbalah system, Adam Kadmon corresponds to Keter (the crown), the ‘divine will’ that, according to Gnostic texts, motivated the creation of our solar system, from Eden to Earth. The ‘crown’, or Keter, is in my view, located in the Orion Nebua. The Gnostic Anthrôpos, or ‘Adamas’, as it is sometimes called, is considered the ‘pure mind’, as distinct from physical matter. Adam Kadmon was considered the living light that encompasses duality and in simple terms, it is the ‘light of the world’ that the Gnostics and the Cathars taught about.


Painted by Neil as part of the Phantom Self  book project, in the Anthropos we find a combination of ‘Sophia’ (wisdom) and the ‘Christos’ (Christ), being influenced by Artificial Intelligence (or the ‘demon in the shell’). The canvas expresses the idea of a new Golden Earth emerging through what the Gnostics saw as ‘true light and wisdom’. Sophia, as Gaia, in the ancient narrative is said to ‘correct the imbalance’ and duality of life on earth.


This is the first time that this unique and highly sought after painting has been made available for purchase.


Original Canvas (33 x 22 inches). Framed – Acrylic on fine cotton canvas

Price: £2550 (Includes Courier and Insurance)


Anthropos and the Phantom Self (Original Canvas)