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New book by Neil Hague: ‘Journeys in the Dreamtime’

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds - exploring the ‘occult history of art’.

Christmas 2022 - January 2023

The prophets describe what they saw in visions as real and existing men,

whom they saw with their imaginative and immortal organs ...

William Blake

It’s been over eighteen years since I wrote this book, and since then, so much has changed in our world. Therefore, parts have been updated to reflect the times in which we live especially in relation to the forces that want to ensalve us. The new version attempts to explore myths, symbols and the nature of reality, while also sharing an 'occult' history within art. It’s a story told in five parts (twenty chapters, see below) which is still relevant today, especially in the midst of a new reality emerging for those who have the vision to truly see all-that-there-is to see.

In today’s society we are encouraged to believe that art must imitate material appearances; yet for the shaman artist painting our dreams and visions is a way of opening the portals within the imagination. Our intuition, apparitions and experiences, which are not always of this ordinary reality, are considered by the ancients to carry substance that could be made visible through art. My art, illustrations and books over the past twenty-five years have taken me into areas exploring ‘alternative realities’, a practice that has provided a window into worlds within worlds. Every living soul on this planet has their own unique connection to the ‘dreamtime’ and subtle worlds that formulate our personal reality. It is the visionary within us all that harnesses our imagination, intuition and creativity, so to enter the dreamtime. Through these vehicles we can change our reality.

The role of the visionary

The role of the visionary throughout history is to unveil the hidden realms of the imagination. More so, the visionary within, is our connection to our multidimensional self. We are truly multifaceted and exist in many worlds simultaneously, as I explore throughout the book. To appreciate alternative ways of ‘seeing’ our world we need to stop speaking of reality as if it were ordinary. We need to de-automate consciousness in order to cleanse our perceptions, especially in terms of how we see art and life. From my own experience of making pictures, a natural ability to ‘see through’ the appearance of everyday reality occurs, when we refocus the mind’s eye and turn it inwards to look at who we really are. Much of my art and illustration is about seeing and depicting forms that unlock the imagination. My imagery represents an alternative vision of the world: one that finds parity with philosophies expounded throughout indigenous myths and a science that considers the true nature of human consciousness. I feel at home painting spiritual scientific concepts, just as much as I do illustrating themes found in ‘science fiction’. We are in an era today where science fiction has become science fact. Therefore, reality and fiction are often entwined in my art and carry concepts relating to alchemy, ancient wisdom, philosophy, and worlds that exist beyond our physical reality. The book unfolds the truth about non-physical realities, our history and myths that speak of dualistic forces, to unravel part of a formula humanity is desperate to know and understand. The ‘out there’ five-sense world is becoming more dystopian by the year, yet our inner world, or our non-local realities, is crying out for communication. Whether we know it or not, humanity speaks a universal language, and like music, art and other forms of creativity, is a language that reminds us of our deeper connections to ‘Infinite Consciousness’. A consciousness that can be accessed through journeying in what I call the Dreamtime. Accessing worlds occupied by interstellar forces, microbes, invertebrates and other natural phenomena, as captured by visionaries since ancient times, comes from an ability to see through the façade of our virtual reality, three-dimensional-world. I call this type of seeing, accessing our “ancient eyes” (see my book of the same name), or seeing the next layer of the illusion. Therefore, much of my art and writing is focused on ‘esoteric’ concepts and the ‘nature of reality’. Both areas I endeavour to unravel throughout the course of the book. Seeing in this way has been symbolic of putting my head above the mundane surface reality and noticing that there are many worlds teeming with life forms, shapes, and characteristics that can seem alien to the consensus reality. Journeys in the Dreamtime is dedicated to expanding the mind beyond the immediate five senses - the matrix world. But the true mission behind this work, is to unlock the imagination, ignite our soul’s purpose, and move us into worlds unique to who we are as individual co-creators operating in an infinite universe.

Get ready for a roller-coaster ride through different worlds, into the deepest recesses of consciousness, as Neil Hague offers his own vision of the unseen ‘forces’ pitched against humanity; including many hidden meanings behind world myths associated with ‘the gods’, ‘super heroes’ and ‘star systems’ that have inspired humanity since the beginning of time

Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.

Ellis Taylor

Subjects covered in the book:

Chapter 1: What We Don’t See

Chapter 2: Symbols of Consciousness

Chapter 3: Personifying the Planets

Chapter 4: Ruled by the Stars

Chapter 5: Worlds of Shadow

Chapter 6: Hell or Heaven on Earth

Chapter 7: From the Shaman to the Patron

Chapter 8: A Brotherhood of Artists

Chapter 9: Hidden Signs & Media Magic (1)

Chapter 10: Hidden Signs & Media Magic (2

Chapter 11: Symbols of Duality

Chapter 12: Origins of Symbols

Chapter 13: Ancient Masters of DNA

Chapter 14: Ancient Superhero Gods

Chapter 15: Chambers of the Mind

Chapter 16: Through the Looking Glass

Chapter 17: The Magic Mirror

Chapter 18: Dreamers of Visions

Chapter 19: Reality Rings & Memory Wheels

Chapter 20: The Human Form Divine

Appendix: The Lethargic Sleep (Dream)

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